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TROCELLEN Cross-linked Polyethylene foam finds many applications in the HVAC. It is used for insulation of hot and cold water pipes, air ducts and many internal components found in large handling units, heat exchangers and split air conditioning systems. 
Product Range
Flame Retardant Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam
Flame Retardant Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam Laminated with Metalized Film
Flame Retardant Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam Laminated with Aluminum Foil
TROCELLEN Insulation products can be fabricated with self-adhesive.
Density   : 33 kg/m³ (Expansion Rate: 30X)
Thickness   : 5mm - 30mm
Width   : Max. 1800mm
Forms   : Rolls or Sheets
Colors   : Grey
Others density, thickness, color and dimensions available upon request.
Features and Benefits
• Closed cell structure • Long lasting insulation material
• Excellent thermal insulation • Acoustic noise reduction
• Constant energy saving • Flame retardant protection
• Prevent condensation • Bacteria, mold and mildew resistant
Easy installation • Lightweight
Environmentally friendly - non toxic High mechanical strength
Flame retardant cross-linked polyethylene foam compliant with stringent smoke density and toxicity test according to Airbus Directive.

Description Limit Flaming Non-Flaming Result
Smoke Density Toxicity: Dm<200ppm 89ppm 42ppm Pass
HCN Max 150ppm 5ppm 2ppm Pass
CO Max 1000ppm 100ppm 10ppm Pass
NO+NO2 Max 100ppm 5ppm 0ppm Pass
SO2+H2S Max 100ppm 0ppm 0ppm Pass
HF Max 100ppm 0ppm 0ppm Pass
HCL Max 150ppm 0ppm 0ppm Pass

Environment Friendly
All TROCELLEN grades are free of cadmium, lead stabilizers, Tinorganic substances (eg Tributyltin), and other toxic/heavy metals, TROCELLEN is produced without the use of CFC, HCFC or HC’s.

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