Trocellen Pipe Insulation
Trocellen Pipe Insulation Insulation Trocellen Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia Supply Supplier Suppliers | Copper Tube Supplier
TROCELLEN offers wide range of thin and thick insulation pipe cover.
Product Range
Density   : 25kg/m³ - 32kg/m³ (Expansion rate: 31X- 40X)
Diameter : 6.5mm - 85mm    
Thickness   : 3mm - 40mm
Temperature Range : -50˚C to +120˚C
Type : Plain foam, Foam laminated with foil
Others density and dimensions available upon request.
Certification : FM Global Certificate
Features and Benefits
Closed cell structure
Long lasting insulation material
Excellent thermal insulation
Good water vapor barrier
Prevent condensation
Cut to different size and shape
Good formability
Constant energy saving
High elasticity to deformation
Environmentally friendly- non toxic
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