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Streamline employs proprietary manufacturing technologies and processes to produce our Streamline ABS DWV pipe with consistent and dense cellular structure, plus a uniform pipe wall thickness for uncompromising, reliable performance – and an attractive appearance. Smooth, consistent interior walls provide for full flow and increased resistance to corrosion and scaling. Dense and uniform cellular (foam) structure results in a stronger, more reliable and quiet product, and uniform interior and exterior wall skins improve joint strength and reliability. Finally, our relentless attention to quality and detail means our customers will enjoy the best pipe in the industry.
Product Availability & Highlights
Available in lengths of 10' or 20'
Diameter sizes from 1-1/2" to 6"
25 year warranty
ABS-DWV Cellular Core Pipe is produced in strict accordance with ASTM F628
NSF approved
IAPMO approved
Made in the USA
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