Line Sets
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Line Sets
We leverage our 75+ years of experience and expertise in copper tube manufacturing in every line set we make. From liquid line and suction line handling to unique insulation applications and packaging, every line set meets rigorous standards for quality and consistency so our customers can be confident they're using the best line set on the market. With a full line of liquid line and suction line diameters, insulation thicknesses, custom ends and connections – plus a wide array of custom options (lengths, connection assemblies, etc.), we're able to provide a solution for our customers' most specialized needs.
Product Availability & Highlights
Custom options include:
Insulated liquid and suction lines for mini-split systems
Flare nuts, custom connections, insulation and assemblies
Nitrogen- and refrigerant-charged lines
Custom lengths and bends
UL Recognized at 700 PSI MWP
R410A Engineered & Tested
Insulation meets ASTM C-534 & UL 25-50 Fire & Smoke Rating
Integrated production processes eliminate kinking and work-hardening associated with other line sets
Made in the USA
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